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Commercial Development

Do you need to build a new store or shopping center? We will arrange a complete service for your building project.

We are well aware that the vision and planning play key roles in the success of a new store or shopping center, which is why our team will help you find the right plot and analyze it in terms of geography and demographics. We will conduct a feasibility study for you, take care of the legal aspects, and negotiate the land purchase.

After getting all the necessary licenses, we will arrange for the demolition of any existing buildings, arrange for the transport, work with you to prepare a project that will meet your needs, and then of course supervise the construction itself.

Our team will be available the whole time, guiding you through the process and making sure that everything happens on time and without complications.


Office Buildings

We will help you build, lease and manage a building that will meet the needs of your company and your employees. Our office buildings become a second home to employees, a place they are happy to work in. Apart from construction of new buildings, we can also arrange the purchase and reconstruction of older buildings.

Whether you want to work in the offices yourself or lease them to someone else, we will help you find the best solution. We will be right there with you from the very first steps: choosing a location and preparing a feasibility study. We will arrange the purchase of land, acquire all the necessary licenses, and prepare all the necessary documents.

But construction isn’t all we do. We will be happy to take over the compete management of the building including administration, office leasing and maintenance. We will also help you and your clients with interior design of the office space to reflect your company culture and image.


Land Surveying


Our team will help you with everything you need to prepare your construction project: collecting GIS data in the field, construction engineering, preparing architectural projects, and preparing materials for registration in the Land Registry.

Our team collects data using precise and modern technologies, and can then use the data collected to create a realistic visualization, especially using CAD and GIS design.


At the moment, these services are available mostly on the Romanian market.


Energy Services


With our international experience and local market knowledge combined we can help our clients in terms of energy as well. We will make all the arrangements: building transformers, energy distribution, GIS projects.

These services are also available mostly on the Romanian market.


Property Management & Real Estate Audit


We actively manage more than 120 buildings. We help clients find owners of certain properties, identify potential buyers and negotiate with them, independently evaluate potential transactions, organize auctions for selling or leasing buildings, and sort out all the related legal formalities.

A real estate audit can be a very helpful tool when negotiating, which is why we have a specialized team dedicated to real estate audits. The team covers every part of the property and carefully considers all the options. They will support you in every phase of the project.


Facility Management


Let us worry about managing and maintenance for your real estate. We are happy to provide administration and management of any commercial building. We will take care of security, fire safety and optimizing energy consumption. You can also rely on regular maintenance and compliance with all the legislation standards on the market concerned.


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We make the difference

  • Our services

We make the difference

  • Our services
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